A pubic service announcement by: Weird'eaux In the noiZ Community 

"Remote From Reality" (2010). Feeling remote from reality? Don't lose control of the remote. 
A short by CAV & Sean Mullany. 

"25 of the 100 Reasons Why You'd Be a Fool Not To Rent The Taj Love-All". By CAV, Gaelen Krause, Will Atlas, Kristie McCracken & Sam Wright. 

"Beyond the Dumpster" (2015) Generation Squeeze Campaign Video by CAV & Noel Farrand

"It Takes A Village" (2015) Generation Squeeze Campaign Video by CAV & Noel Farrand.

"Dogging Harper" (2015). A short conversation with a super smart dog. By CAV & Noel Ferrand

Shot on location, this Short documents the Kalama and Spectral Arts Crew storming CiTR HQ at the University of British Columbia to promote their SOUL'd Out Masquerade. 

"Playing Catch-Up" (2015) Generation Squeeze Campaign Video by CAV, Noel Farrand, & Mikel Bock. 

Pandamonium at UBC & deep thoughts on The Drive... Spectral Arts & The Kalama Collective hit the streets to find out what people want to see in Vancity.