"Down the Rabbit Whole" (2014) Video Teaser. Filmed & edited by Charles-Antoine Vallieres. Thumbnail photo by Hammer Records. 

The story of a boy who thought he could make the world release symbolic stress balloons into the air, only to realize that what he'd done was of imminent destruction to both the planet and to those he supposedly liberated::: Directed by: CAV. Filmed by CAV & Serena Shipp.
Co-written & produced by: CAV and KAIS http://www.kaisofficial.com 

Weird'eaux performing "Wildflower" at The Woods Studio, Vancouver, BC, March 2012.  Filmed by Kevin Sarasom & Verster Badenhorst. Music Recorded by: Quinten De Lorenzis. Edited by Charles-Antoine Vallieres

Tim Watson Drum Channel Video. Filmed & Edited by CAV.  Sound Tech / Mixing : Quentin De Lorenzis.

Behnsen featuring Aurora Live @ The Kalama Collective & Inspiral's Open HeArt Surgery. October 8th, 2015. Video by: CAV. https://soundcloud.com/behnsen